New face paints!

I was running low on glitter. As in, I probably only have enough for one more party. Glitter goes a long way, but I was surprised this one bottle had lasted me this long. I had bought some snazaroo glitter gels in the past too. Unfortunately I had trouble applying them on top of paint as it would make the paint run. Maybe I should have looked up the instructions, but they ended up not being used. Eventually the gel dried, so I thought even if I run out of my glitter at a party, I can use is what is left of the gel one as powder glitter. I had a hard time deciding which glitter to buy. I wanted a glitter similar to what I had and that I was running out of, fine glitter in iridescent color, that I could use on any color of face paint. I may have found it on mama clown glitter white fairy dust. I have a party on Saturday and will know for sure. It is finer and sheer than I am used to, so we will see. There is more than glitter on the package I got. I had a case of “I went to the store for this…and came back with all these”. And it took me a week to decide what to get. Mainly because I wanted to buy new brands of paint to experiment with, and there are so many choices! so after reading, and researching and reading some more, I decided to go with Paradise for my metal paints, and with Diamond FX for my white and black line work. I cannot wait to try them!

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