Subconscious influence and major mishap

Today I made a mistake I have only done once before in my face painting career, that means in 8 years.  I left my entire kit at home.  By the door, mind you, ready to be loaded.   I was horrified when I found out. My good husband came to the rescue, and brought it close to me. I had arrive 15 minutes earlier to the party, so was able to talk to the host as she got things ready and explain the situation.

The park was 25 minutes away from home, so this delayed my start time by 30 minutes. I offered an additional 30 minutes for free or a discount equivalent to that, to the final price.   She took the latter,  since most kids have had a face painting done by then,  and I still had 15 more minutes to go.   Some of her guests arrived later, so she seemed happy with my service despite all. And even gave me a tip.

What was curious about this party, was that it made me realize the power of subconscious influence that my own Face Painting design has,  I will explain:  three little girls wanted a rainbow. I may have a picture of a rainbow face painting in my book, but is not  A popular design.  One of the little girls had been adamant with her mother about wanting a spider Face Painting.   Her mom pleaded and tried to suggest a different design, but the little girl insisted she wanted a spider. The  mom then turned to me and asked me if I could do a cute spider, to which I replied “I can make a pink spider”.
We put the little girl on the chair, she says right away: “I want a rainbow!”  When I got home and I was telling my husband about this, I realized it must be because my face was painted with a rainbow and an emoji.   If the party had had any older children older than nine or 10, then they would’ve gone for the emoji.
I also experienced  something I had not encountered before.    A girl who seemed  a bit older than the rest, probably 11 or 12, asked me to paint a mermaid  on one of her arms. As I was trying to paint the mermaid’s face, I realized I could not do it, she was moving her arm too much. Very light but sudden movements. I made a comment about it and she apologized,  which led me to believe that it was not voluntary movements.  I ended up painting mostly the hair of the mermaid,  and only a portion of the face, as if it was a picture taken from behind. This is what I told her when she asked me:  “what about her face?”   Maybe I should’ve offered doing the stamp design of Ariel, but I did not know she was going to have those movements.

Here is the video of the facepainting design of  an emoji and a rainbow.


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