Five tips for a great party

As a face painter, I attend a lot of parties and celebrations. It is one of the perks of the job.  After attending so many, I have noticed and picked on a few things that make a party great. Today I will share the five that stand out the most:

1. The music.

It provides the party vibe you need. Pick up upbeat, popular songs. You do not even need a DJ, just a good speaker.  The volume should not be so loud that guests have to yell, but loud enough that people know they came to a party, not the library.   When a party has good music, I enjoy my time there, and I am a hired hand.  Imagine how much more impact this will have on the guests that came just to celebrate.

2. Conversation niches.

Give guests a place to be and seat. For some reason, people who have been seating in their car to get to your place, have a need to seat again as soon as they arrive. Not sure what is going on with people’s legs. Just make sure your guest have a place to sit, and a place to put their drinks.

3. The food.

You knew this one. Most People do not attend a party just for the food, but like the need to sit, humans have a need to eat. Feed them.

4. Timing.

If you have a variety of food items, release them at intervals. I remember this party where the host went to the fridge and got a tray of jello treats halfway through the party. She announced them and they became a thing, she walked around handing them over. An effect that would have been lost if she just put them out with the rest of the food from the beginning.

5. Activities.

Especially popular for kids parties, since children have such a short attention span. And don’t have cell phones! Keeping your guests busy allows them to enjoy the time they spend at your place. This is where face painting comes in! Kids love getting their face or arms painted, and I see them enjoy seeing their friends getting painted too.  Party games are also popular.

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